The Baltimore Community Dedication of Yerushalmi Chagigah l’zecher nishmas Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz, z’l – Over 2/3 of the way to the $100,000 goal!

Baltimore, MD - Oct. 2, 2017 - A little over two weeks ago, the Baltimore community launched a new and unusual crowdfunding initiative.

The Baltimore Community Dedication of Yerushalmi Chagigah, l’zecher nishmas Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz z”l enables Baltimore’s residents to join the ranks of some of world Jewry’s most illustrious names, as dedicators of a major ArtScroll project.

ArtScroll’s Torah projects have touched and enriched the lives of Jews throughout the world. But while these works were accessible to all, the opportunity to assist in their funding, and to claim a share of the merit of tens of thousands of people’s Torah learning, was left to a fortunate few. Now, though, Baltimore residents are gathering together to dedicate the Hebrew Talmud Yerushalmi Chagigah as a group.

Residents can choose how much to donate. To make the donation even more worthwhile for the community, the donor’s shul will receive 5% of the donation in ArtScroll sefarim and books!

This unusual dedication opportunity gives the Baltimore community a chance to give back to the organization that changed the face of Klal Yisrael – and that touched each and every one of them personally. This volume of Yerushalmi is being written in memory of Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz z”l, who was dedicated to bringing the Torah to the English-speaking world through sefarim that were elegant, beautiful, and readable was legendary; by being a part of the project, donors can pay tribute to an extraordinary personality. And, as many of the talmidei chachamim who work on Torah projects -- in what has become known as ArtScroll’s “Kollel Without Walls” -- are from Baltimore, every donation is helping to support local Torah scholars.

As one of the leaders of the initiative stated: “You personally benefit from ArtScroll’s Torah works. Klal Yisrael benefits. Your kids, your neighborhood, your city – they all gain. And you can be the benefactor that helps make it happen.”

Click here now to take part in this historic opportunity and keep your merits alive throughout the year.