Houston, TX - Sept. 5, 2017 - After two shifts of Baltimore volunteers - 20 in all - brought pride to our city and community as they made their way to Houston to assist their brothers and sisters in need, that pride was expanded today as Reb Fishel Gross of O'Fishel Caterers boarded an early flight this morning to Texas to assist former Baltimorean and now Texan, Chaim Goldfeder of Texas Kosher BBQ, as he continues to oversee a growing crew of kosher caterers from across the USA who travelled to do their part in serving thousands of Texans displaced by the ravaging floods from Hurricane "Harvey". No sooner was he off the plane when Reb Fishel donned his “levush” and was immediately turning burgers on the Texas sized grill.

VaShem Y'shalaim Scharam!

Reb Fishel Gross of O'Fishel Caterers is greeted by Baltimore Shomrim member, Ezri Klein, who, along with other Baltimore volunteers, has been in Houston for the last few days pulling up floors, ripping out drywall, etc., to help expedite recovery for those affected by 'Harvey'.