Updated as of Sept. 3, 2017 - 9:30 AM - Over 20 going so far in two shifts (Sunday/Monday and Tuesday/Wendesday) Thank you to all those who gave. Please note: we are still accepting donations to subsidize costs! Click here to help fund the Baltimoreans helping in Houston.

First group of 10 on its way from dulles, meeting up with 2 others who flew separately. Next group leaves tomorrow AM



Updated as of Sept. 1, 2017   - Baltimore is amazing! BJL is happy to report that the first team of 10 volunteers is booked for Sunday/Monday heading down early Sunday AM for 2 days on the ground.

Baltimore, MD - Aug. 31, 2017:

Dear Friends,

The OU's Houston Relief Team is coordinating volunteer assistance directly with the Jewish community in Houston and is asking for help. In a joint effort between  Ohel Moshe & Shomrei Emunah, we are looking to see if we can put together a group of volunteers to spend a few days next week in Houston providing hands on assistance in cleanup and recovery. The mission will require able bodied individuals who can spend a few long days working with their hands-on things like; trash removal, drywall removal, carpet removal, & moving heavy items. Handy/Builder skills are a big plus, but the physical strength to do this kind of work under difficult conditions is a must.

The OU's Houston Relief Team tells us that they have work for 250 volunteers and they currently have 30 on the ground!

Details are very much in development, but, the current concept would be; 

  • The idea would be to leave early Sunday or Monday early AM, and have volunteers stay as long as they can, no less than 2 working days (one night) is ideal.
  • The community response on the ground is organized and ready for help, all volunteers would report to a central location where they will get an address and scope of work. Once completed they would go back for another task.
  • Volunteers will need to bring their own protective gear (gloves, masks, special clothing, basic tools)
  • Houston airport is open, so we would aim to fly directly and rent vehicles there.
  • Food will be provided, but we will need to find lodging. 

Currently there is no confirmed subsidy so volunteers would need to pay their way, and provide their own gear. If you are interested in helping to subsidize the cost of volunteers for this joint Shul Mission please click HERE.  The funds, which will be overseen Rabbi Teichman & Rabbi Marwick will be used to subsidize the cost of volunteer logistics. Any surplus will be forwarded to the OU relief fund for future distribution to the affected community.

Bottom line:

If you can physically help, and qualify for the kind of work and conditions described above, please click here to contact Yair Reiner with your name, best phone number, and what days next week you could come out. 

If you CANNOT physically help, you can support this mission by donating toward the expenses as mentioned above, or by providing mileage/points to book airline travel or any other travel/lodging assistance you may have access to via a club membership or affiliation.

Our brothers and sisters are facing devastating destruction, let's see if we can help lift their spirits and assist them on the long road ahead to "normal life" as it was.

Thank you!