Baltimore, MD - July 6, 2017 - On Sunday, July2, 8 Tamuz, the children and Moros of the Pre1A at Yeshivas Kochav Yitzchok/Torah Institute celebrated their completion of the first perek of Bereishis and the boys received their first Chumash.

This grand siyum was held in the Cheder’s gym where nearly 300 parents and grandparents watched as the young talmidim marched down the aisle, wearing festive and formal vests, bow ties and crowns. The preschoolers made their way to the stage walking in an impressively coordinated fashion while the large room was brightened by the children’s shining faces.

Once settled on stage, groups of boys came forward saying and translating pesukim word for word and shared beautiful niggunim with the audience. Everyone present surely enjoyed seeing their young sons and grandsons in action, especially the energetic singing which was accompanied with live music.

After completing the perek, Rabbi Shimon Hirsch shared divrei bracha, highlighting to the boys the significance of receiving their first Chumash and comparing it to Matan Torah. Rabbi Nosson Adlin, sgan menahel, then joined Rabbi Hirsch in giving out the Chumashim.

A beautiful seudas siyum was then held in honor of the milestone. Rabbi Adlin warmly thanked the sponsors and gave a beracha to the talmidim. After an adorable slide show presentation and bentching, the simcha continued with lively dancing.

Bez’H the ahavas haTorah that these young talmidim experienced will continue to be built upon throughout their entire lives.