Baltimore, Md - Apr. 30, 2017 -  It's been 4 extremely long months for our family and as we continue adjust to our new reality I wanted to take a moment to update you.
Our mother continues to make very good progress in her therapy. Though she still has a very long way to go we are staying hopeful that she will fully recover.

She is able to do almost all things around the house and has started to gradually get out a little to begin her adjustment to reality. With the help of her family she has gone grocery shopping and gone out with her 1.5yr old grand-daughter. With all this said it is still hard for her to meld back into the general population.

We just have one request. It is a huge miracle and an AMAZING sight to see her doing all of the things that were impossible just a few months ago. However, please understand the pain that she and the rest of our family are in. If you see her out and about it's ok to say hi or ask her how she is doing. But, please don't gush and tell her how amazing it is that she survived, and how it is a miracle that she is here. This  can be painful for her, for she would have given her own life had she known her son would not have made it.

Our mother repeatedly tells us how grateful she is to the entire world for begging for her to get better and ultimately live on.

Thank you so much!

Tzvi (Steve) Moskowitz