Baltimore, MD - Mar. 14, 2017 - If you are closing up your pantry for Pesach, take a few minutes to reorganize it.

   1. Take out all food items and place on table

   2. Check labels and toss all items that are expired, stale, empty, and/or inedible

   3. Fill a box or bag with unopened items that you will not be able to eat before they expire, and donate them.

   4. Wipe down shelves with warm, soapy water, or kitchen cleanser.

   5. Put food back in cabinet, and note whether you might need bins for items that have been spilling out into your cabinet.  (I love oxo bins)

   6. A good idea is to make a list of all products you are disposing of, and will be needing after the holiday, and tape it to the inside of your pantry door.  Right after Pesach you can just grab the list and run right over to your supermarket.

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