Baltimore, MD - Mar. 10, 2017 - There are really no words that can be used to describe the appreciation that our family has for every one of you. Everyone has helped us in so many different ways.

Just a quick update and message from our family.

Thank G-d all therapies have been going well. Our mother, G-d willing, will make a near complete recovery. With that said the pain of losing her child just inches away from her is something that is crushing. As expected, she has a very long way to go. With that being said, she is not ready to be out in public as she (and we) now have had the time to start processing what happened and there are times when we are just in shock.

Purim is a time when people get together and have a blast. Our family will as well because like we have said from the beginning we fully accept what happened, we are not upset at G-d, but it still leaves a massive hole in our hearts and especially hers and my father's. We will attend purim seudas like we usually do and honestly I'm sure for many of you it gets a little awkward when seeing us, like you don't know what to say. I'm going to be straight up..dont worry...We as the kids have been able to break back into routine because we have had time. You have known about the death of our brother longer than she has. So, she just needs time to heal physically and emotionally.

So, please try to be sensitive if you are planning on bringing Shalach Manos to them. There will be specific hours that my father will tell his students when they can come if they want. Beyond those times the house will generally be closed out of sensitivity to our mother. Please don't take anything personally if you come and the door is not opened for you. This is a VERY complicated situation.

Thank you SO much!


Tzvi (Steve) Moskowitz