To: Jewish Day School Supporters

After a fantastic first year of the BOOST scholarship program, one that saw over $1 million in much needed tuition relief go to Jewish day school families, we are trying our utmost to maintain (at the very least) and expand (bez”H) this vital program for next year. Later today, the Maryland House of Delegates' Appropriations Committee will be voting on whether or not to keep the BOOST program intact for 2017-2018 school year. 

We need your immediate help, to voice your support for this cherished and indispensable program!

Last week, over 1,400 students, (175 from Jewish day schools) teachers, administrators and parents attended Nonpublic School Advocacy Day and did their part, by chanting “BOOST OUR EDUCATION”, and ensuring their voices were heard before our state legislature. Now, we ask that you ensure that your legislators hear from you too.

By clicking here you will be taken to the website where you can take the text of the message you should send to the members of the House Appropriations Committee, requesting their support for the most vital state program for our school community.

On that committee are Baltimore community area legislators:

Del. Shelly Hettleman

Del. Adrienne Jones


Silver Spring area legislators:

Del. Marc Korman

Del. Kirill Reznik

Del. Ana Sol Gutierrez

Del. Aruna Miller


Please take the few moments necessary to send individual emails to the committee members from your area (even though it is not your home district).

They need to hear from voting constituents like you TODAY to know how important this is to this community and that their support is a must!


The BOOST Coalition