Baltimore, MD – June 26, 2016 - On Sunday, June 19th, Rebbeim, teachers, family, and friends joined the seniors of Mesivta Neimus Hatorah in celebration of their graduation. After opening remarks by Menahel Rabbi Laib Schulman, Rabbi Emmanuel Hakakian, English Principal introduced the seven graduates offering brief remarks about each one. Following a siyum by senior Yosef Berkowitz, the crowd listened intently as each talmid reflected of his time in yeshiva, as well as thanking their parents and the hanhalah of the yeshiva. 

The guest speaker was Rabbi Zvi Teichman, Rav of Ohel Moshe, who offered powerful words of inspiration about the accomplishments of each one of the boys, as well as praise for the incredible work the yeshiva does on a daily basis.

Rabbi Shmuel Weissman, twelfth-grade Magid Shiur, presented each boy with "Positive Vision", a sefer on Shmiras Einayim they had been studying in class. The beautiful event ended with spirited dancing, with music and vocals by Mr. Shmuel Beck and Nechemia Jakobovitz. Mazel tov to all the graduates-may they have much hatzlachah moving forward.