The left-wing alliance of the New Popular Front is leading in the second round of legislative elections in France, ahead of President Emmanuel Macron's Renaissance and the far right National Front, with none of the blocs obtaining an absolute majority in the National Assembly, according to the first estimates from polling institutes out of the ballot boxes on Sunday.

The New Popular Front will receive anywhere from 172 to 215 deputies, depending on projections from four different polling institutes. All rank Macron's Renaissance under Prime Minister Gabriel Attal in second place, with 150 to 180 seats, ahead of the National Rally with 115 to 155 elected officials. Until now, polls projected the far-right party to win elections.

Attal said he would submit his resignation to the president, while noting that neither left- nor right-wing extremes could build a coalition without the centrist Renaissance.

Despite the projections, Marine Le Pen said she saw the "seeds of victory" already as the ballot boxes closed.... Read More: i24