Jerusalem, Israel - July 5, 2024  - “I expect Aliyah from Western countries to double in the coming years,” declared Ofir Sofer, Minister of Aliyah and Klita. Sofer made his comments during a tour of Chaim V’Chessed headquarters in Jerusalem on July 3. The minister was accompanied by senior staff members, as well as Davidi Benzion, Deputy Head of the Shomron Regional Council and a leading Aliyah proponent.

Chaim V’Chessed is an NGO which provides comprehensive support to olim from English-speaking countries. The organization boasts a staff of expert advisors who guide callers in areas such as medical, special education and more. Sofer’s visit came as part of his ministry’s efforts to upgrade the experience of new immigrants to Israel.

Sofer stated during his tour that the wave of post-October 7 antisemitism in Western countries has already led to a jump in Aliyah, a trend that he expects will grow exponentially. He emphasized that the country needs to be ready to accept future olim with open arms, in a fashion which will ensure the long-term success of their move to Israel.

Chaim V’Chessed is renowned for unraveling Israeli bureaucracy for Anglo immigrants, a point Sofer highlighted during his visit. “Leaders abroad have told me that perhaps the greatest obstacle to Aliyah is the fear of Israeli bureaucracy,” he told Paysach Freedman, the organization’s CEO.  “Chaim V’Chessed’s assistance is invaluable and helps olim acclimate and thrive in Israeli society.”

Freedman showcased his organization’s unique approach to assisting olim, offering service that matches the standards and styles they are familiar with from their home countries. Sofer and his team were especially impressed by Chaim V’Chessed’s proficiency in guiding callers through Israeli bureaucracy. The minister stressed the need to adopt this culturally sensitive approach across government platforms to ensure the successful settlement of olim in Israel.