Agudath Israel of America introduces the second episode of its compelling new initiative, Torah Perspectives, designed to provide profound wisdom and valuable insights from gedolei Yisroel and prominent rabbonim. This video series aims to address contemporary issues through the timeless lens of Torah, offering guidance, inspiration, and chizuk to the wider Jewish community.

In this episode, once again hosted by Rabbi Yitzchok Hisiger, Agudath Israel’s Director of Torah Initiatives, we are zocheh to hear from Dayan Aharon Dovid Dunner, rav of Adass Yisroel Tottenham of London and dayan with the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations, speaking on the topic of “The Scourge of Machklokes: Fights, Divorces, and the Pursuit of Shalom.”

Dayan Dunner, with his usual eloquence, delves into the destructive nature of machlokes and its pervasive impact on both personal relationships and the broader community. Drawing from Torah sources and his extensive experience in dealing with communal issues, as well as his consultations with gedolei hador on this very topic, he highlights the consequences of disputes, the ripple effects they can cause, and the importance of pursuing shalom in all aspects of life – and he shares a number of fascinating stories to make his points.