Baltimore, MD - June 16, 2024  - Eliyahu Moshe Shlomo Zimbalist, Z'L, H'yd, from Nofei Aviv, (originally from Silver Spring, MD), was one of the eight Israeli soldiers, who were killed on Shabbos. He was the son of Simeon and Sara Zimbalist from HaShoshan and grandson of Joelle and Bill Zimbalist of Miami Beach, FL, formerly of Silver Spring, MD and of Irv & Miriam Klavan of Teaneck, NJ.

Sadly, this is the fourth Young Israel Shomrai Emunah grandchild to be buried in Har Hertzl in this war, from families Zimbalist, Haber/Wildman/Segal, Weiser, and Linzer.

Yhi Zichrum Baruch

Shiva is being observed in Israel. Beginning Tuesday, Bill Zimbalist may be reached via WhatsApp or phone during Shiva at 301-758-4231 and Joelle Zimbalist at 301-758-4237

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