The US is mulling sanctions against Israeli protesters blocking humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, according to media reports.

Over the past several months, the Israeli movement Tzav 9, or "Order 9," has been organizing to thwart convoys of humanitarian aid going though crossings into Gaza. Footage seen on social media and even show activists ripping off and destroying food packages.

The movement refers to Tzav 8, or "Order 8," which is an emergency call for reservists to mobilize. According to spokesperson Rachel Touitou, zsav 9 “never called on people to take the law into their own hands,” as cited in a Washington Post report.

Regardless, activists have been shown barring trucks and setting up their own checkpoints to ensure aid does not travel to Gaza. The movement, according to The Times of Israel, expanded its activities after Israel agreed to allow more humanitarian aid arriving through convoys originating in Jordan.... Read More: i24