The Tzav 9 movmement which organizes demonstrations against the transfer of aid to the Gaza Strip, commented on reports that the Biden administration is concidering leveling sanctions against Israelis who target trucks carrying aid.

"The same Americans who take pride in freedom of expression and protest, try to grossly interject in the State of Israel's war against a terror organization that committed a terrible massacre against civilians," the movement wrote in a statment.

"This is our war, for our home, for our existence as a nation, and we have the right and obligation to win," it added.

According to Tzav 9: "Part of victory is to completely stop Hamas' control over the Gaza Strip, and the way to do that is to stop the aid that goes directly to the terrorists. Today it is clear: to bring back the hostages and to defeat Hamas, we need to control the aid even after it goes into (to Gaza)."... Read More: Arutz-7