Dazhon Darien, who’s accused of impersonating a principal with artificial intelligence, found his way into Baltimore County Public Schools with a litany of fake credentials and false qualifications.

The former Pikesville High School athletic director applied to the school system using resumes riddled with claims that are either questionable or untrue. He didn’t get degrees he claims to hold. He never worked for a Division I college football team. He didn’t have a teaching license or meet the minimum qualifications for his job.

Baltimore County Public Schools still hired him, seemingly unaware of the lies.

The falsehoods appear to be part of a pattern by Darien, 31. A Baltimore Banner investigation found at least 29 false claims on four job applications using two different names. The records, obtained through public information requests and a source close to the Baltimore County school system, show at least eight high schools and colleges in five states let him in the door. He was repeatedly put in a position of power over teens and young adults, some of whom said that Darien treated them poorly.... Read More: Baltimore Banner