Jerusalem, Iarael - May 17, 2024 - On the evening of May 16, 2024, the impressive artwork of young artist Eitan Rosenzweig, z'l, H'yd, now on display in the temporary gallery, was celebrated with an opening event hosted by executive director Dr. Risa Levitt at The Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem (BLMJ).

BLMJ aims to combine the historical and aesthetic connections of the past and interweave them with the present. It was opened in 1992, founded by Dr. Elie and Batya Borowski, who donated a priceless collection of ancient artifacts. “The future of mankind has its roots in the past, and only through understanding our history can we build a better future,” stated Elie Borowski (1913-2003). 

Eitan Rozenzweig’s “Kuma” is a 3.6-meter painting that explores the Jewish collective unconscious. Eitan painted the work in a stream-of-consciousness style, without prior planning while home during the Covid school closures. 

The work begins with the “Lech Lecha” and progresses through the destruction of the Beis HaMikdash to redemption. The details in the work are a powerful expression of Jewish identity and memory.

Eitan Rosenzweig, the gifted artist and poet, was killed in battle in the Gaza Strip at the age of only 21. Yet, even at such a young age, he left behind a treasure trove of artistic creation. His boundless talent and explosive creativity are evident in his works.

Rosenzweig, who grew up in Alon Shvut, in Gush Etzion attended the Naveh Shmuel Yeshiva High School in Efrat. 

Rabbi Dr. Kenneth Brander is President and Rosh HaYeshiva of the Ohr Torah Stone network of 30 educational institutions which includes Naveh Shmuel. At the opening evening along with 200 friends and family, Rabbi Brander proudly told BJL how Eitan was able to develop his artistic talent and work in high school.

Porat Solomon spoke at the opening about his former high school art student who combined Torah, Mishna, Kabbalah, and more in the drawings that are on display. 

After high school, Eitan learned at the Hesder Yeshiva in Yeruham and finished his army service by Yom Kippur in 2023, but was called back to reserve duty after Simhat Torah/October 7. He was with the first force to enter Gaza and fought with courage and heroism until he fell in battle in Jabalya on the 9th of Kislev 2023, November 22, 2023.

Parents Uzi and Hagit Rosenzweig spoke about their son whose love of learning extended into reading, archeology, and love of museums, and more.  How appropriate for the works and KUMA to be at the BLMJ and thanked all involved for the short time involved in posting the exhibition.

The Akedah / Hoshana Raba was found in one of Eitan's sketchbooks. Eitan published a prophetic inscription in a student journal, incorporating a prayer about fiery judgment and sacrifice. A year later, he died defending Israel, fulfilling the inscription’s foreshadowing created a year before the "Swords of Iron" War, where he sacrificed himself to save Israel.

 There is a Crowdfunding for the exhibition:  donations will directly support the exhibition honoring Eitan Rosenzweig, including design and development, as well as the composition, design, and publication of the accompanying book or catalog. 

Hopefully, this exhibition will travel to Jewish museums worldwide sharing the impressive legacy of one young artist the world lost much too soon. 

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