Jerusalem, Israel - Apr. 22, 2024 - An Erev Pesach Neis. Two terrorists intended to commit a massacre in Jerusalem's Romema neighborhood but failed due to a weapon malfunction and were caught hiding in a nearby furniture store.

Superintendent Y., who caught the terrorists, recounted the events to Police Commissioner Yaakov Shabtai: "We received a briefing on the incident at the scene and we understood that the terrorists fled. We were given a description and we went out to search. We entered nearby buildings, we combed them, and we didn't find anything. While leaving one of the buildings a civilian approached us and said that beforehand his wife saw two youths who met the description entering one of the buildings.

"He pointed at a several-story building which also consists of businesses and a yeshiva," he continued. "The force split up into two groups. We began to search the building from two directions. One of the detectives noticed the door of one of the businesses, a furniture store which was open, he entered with the forces and identified the two terrorists hiding at the end of the store. One of them saw the detectives and threw a knife at them. The two were apprehended and taken for questioning at the Jerusalem District offices."