The catastrophic collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore on Tuesday is raising questions in Maryland and elsewhere about the overall safety of bridges.

A federal Transportation Department report last year broke down the condition of the 5,473 bridges in Maryland. Of the total number of bridges, 1,778 are in good condition, 3,443 are in fair condition and 252 are in poor condition.

Those bridges include 1,899 that are part of the National Highway System and are eligible for federal infrastructure money. Of the bridges in the federal highway system, 554 are in good condition, 1,315 are in fair condition and 30 are in poor condition.

Overall, more than 42,400 of the nation’s roughly 621,500 bridges are rated in poor condition. Of those, about 4,450 of nearly 147,000 bridges in the federal highway system are rated as poor.... Read More: Pikesville Patch