Baltimore, MD - Mar. 28, 2024  - A flash crime spree rocked a northwest Baltimore community early Tuesday morning.

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The Baltimore County Police Department is investigating an armed robbery that occurred on Pebble Brooke Road near Kehillas Meor HaTorah synagogue. County police responded to the 911 call despite the incident taking place in Baltimore City.

Elliott Klein, who lives in the neighborhood, said he was returning home just before 7 a.m. after attending early morning prayer services.

“I was on my way back [into the neighborhood], and as I was driving in, I saw some things that didn’t make sense for a random Tuesday morning,” Klein said. "I passed the getaway car."

This is a quiet neighborhood. This is a neighborhood that has been safe until now. As a parent, it’s frightening and scary. It’s troubling to know that at 7 o’clock in the morning, there’s people walking, jogging, walking to synagogue,” Klein said.

In a statement, Baltimore County police said the incidents do not appear to be “motivated by any factors other than a crime of opportunity," but confirmed the involvement of two "armed suspects."

Everyone in the neighborhood is shaken up," Klein told FOX45 News.

Minutes before Klein says he passed the "getaway" car, the suspects allegedly stole a vehicle from a driveway two streets away.

Josh Anisfeld said he walked out to his driveway to find his Mitsubishi Outlander SUV was stolen.

I came out and my car was gone,” Anisfeld said.
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