Baltimore, MD – Mar. 1, 2024 - (WMAR2News) The reintroduction of weekly recycling pick-ups in Baltimore has brought immense joy to residents who have long awaited this return to normalcy. Two years after switching to bi-weekly pick-ups due to COVID-related staffing shortages, the city's Department of Public Works (DPW) has made significant strides to restore the weekly schedule. With the hiring of over 60 new staff, route optimization, and the acquisition of 80 new trucks, the DPW aims to enhance efficiency and meet the increasing demand for recycling services. The initiative, funded by a combination of COVID relief funds and the city's general fund, underscores the commitment to environmental sustainability and waste diversion.

City council member Isaac Yitzy Schleifer's participation reflects his professional and personal commitment to ensure the city's administration provides essential services and accountability.