Baltimore, MD - Feb. 12, 2024  - Baltimore based INKREDIBLE KIDS started as a podcast in early 2023, by Morah Tziri Preis. What started as a dream to empower kids to believe in themselves and develop a growth mindset has turned into an international phenomenon. In a world running rampant with bullying, shame, lack of self worth, and now antisemitism, InKredible Kids, Inc. strives to motivate our youth to believe in themselves and recognize their own value.InKredible Kids provides meaningful, fun, and intriguing listening and viewing content on a regular basis. It's important for kids to have a positive and fun outlet to unwind, relax, and learn outside of school that's purely catered to them and this mission.

Fast forward to the events of October 7th, 2023.

Morah Tziri decided that her already established INKREDIBLE KIDS platform can be used for another important mission. Within a few short hours, Morah Tziri led the first Tehillim Army gathering of a few hundred kids from all different backgrounds and countries, including some from safe rooms in Israel. After the initial Zoom gathering that inspired so many, and as the news started to break, it became clear to Morah Tziri that this type of safe setting was a necessity and could not be a one time event. Thus, the nightly 6pm Tehillim Army zoom call and livestream was established, and has been running consistently ever since. Thousands of kids, along with Morah Tziri, feel a real sense of purpose in their army, davening for our chayalim and the safety of Am Yisrael, through the power of Tehillim and achdus.

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