In the last week, incidents where posters of Israeli hostages held in Gaza, as well as memorials to murdered and fallen soldiers, have been defaced on various campuses in Israel.

Marva, the cell coordinator of the "Im Tirtzu" movement at the University of Haifa said that she saw a photo of the youngest hostage, Kfir Bibas torn in half. In addition, evidence of more defaced posters came to light: photos of hostages, who until the 7th of October had studied at the Technion, in addition to being ripped off and thrown to the floor, also had their eyes pierced. More photos of vandalized posters came from Ben-Gurion University and Tel Aviv University.

In response, Marva said: "Someone really worked hard to deface the photos. It says a lot and makes it very clear the position of the vandals. It is a disgrace that these vandals are also students who study with me on campus. The person who did this must be removed."

The support of terrorism, denigrating the victims of the massacre and the hostages is constantly rising. Just today, the student union at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem published a picture of a swastika painted on a bathroom stall calling for an end to the "genocide" in Gaza.

Matan Peleg, chairman of Im Tirtzu released a statement: "We can not let such a reality continue. All supporters of terrorism, who defame, corrupt, and blame Israel and the IDF soldiers and deface the fallen - they can not sit in the classroom. They have no place within the walls of the universities in the State of Israel and they must be punished immediately."