The United States has not given Israel a firm deadline to end major combat operations against Hamas in Gaza, and if the war ended now, the group would continue to pose a threat, White House national security aide Jon Finer said on Thursday, according to Reuters.

"We have not given a firm deadline to Israel, not really our role. This is their conflict. That said, we do have influence, even if we don't have ultimate control over what happens on the ground in Gaza," Finer was quoted as having told the Aspen Security Forum in Washington.

Israel has two objectives in Gaza, Finer said, ensuring Hamas can no longer govern Gaza and it can no longer pose a threat to Israel following the deadly October 7 attack.

"Frankly, if the war were to stop today, (Hamas) it would continue to pose (a threat) which is why we are not in a place yet of asking Israel to stop or to force ceasefire," he stated.... Read More: Arutz-7