An article published in The Washington Post on Wednesday outlines how Hamas lulled Israel into a sense of calm as it plotted its October 7 massacre.

The report, which cited Israeli intelligence officers said, noted that many of the 3,000 terrorists who stormed the border fence with Gaza on October 7 carried battle plans with specific instructions. Some involved plans to hit military bases as far north as Rehovot and as far east as Be’er Sheva.

The terrorists also came into Israel with detailed battle plans that included maps of the internal structures of military bases and civilian towns, extensive lists of weaponry and equipment used by each of its units, and checklists for killing and capturing men, women and children, according to The Washington Post report.

Despite the detailed plans of the attack, which Hamas planned for more than a year, the group was able to catch Israel off guard because of its in public statements and private diplomacy in recent years. Among those, said The Washington Post, was the group’s claims that it was more interested in building Gaza economically than in renewing a conflict with Israel.... Read More: Arutz-7