A senior security official, in a confidential briefing, shared insights on the escalated efforts to locate Yahya Sinwar, the leader of Hamas. The official revealed, "There is a significant intelligence effort underway to track down Sinwar," emphasizing his misjudgment of the IDF's strength and his shock at recent military actions in Shifa.

Security forces are now focusing on the southern Gaza Strip, with an expectation that operations in areas like Khan Yunis and Rafah will be more effective than previous combat in northern Gaza. These actions, targeting the control centers of Hamas, are aimed at fulfilling the war's objectives and dismantling the organization's governmental and military capabilities.

In a separate high-ranking security discussion, it was claimed that the elimination of Sinwar could significantly alter the dynamics of hostage releases. The source noted, "A large intelligence operation is focused on Sinwar's whereabouts," highlighting the importance of this mission.

Senior official: Sinwar expected help. He was wrong.

The security establishment is bracing for imminent military achievements against Hamas, which are expected to weaken the grip of both Sinwar and Mohammed Deif, the head of the military wing, on their ground forces.

The senior security official described Sinwar as someone who "holds a messianic view but acts shrewdly." He condemned Sinwar's actions, saying, "He is a cruel man. A murderer. He has executed Palestinians suspected of collaborating with Israel through suffocation." The official criticized Sinwar's failure to advance the issue of prisoners and missing persons with Israel before October 7, stating, "He failed to make progress on this front."

Furthermore, the official pointed out Sinwar's strategic errors: "Sinwar estimated that the confrontation zones in Judea and Samaria, inside Israel, and Lebanon would unite against us. He was wrong." He also noted Sinwar's underestimation of Israeli resilience and the IDF's response, adding, "He is still shocked by the maneuver into Gaza and certainly by the destruction of tunnels in Shifa, Gaza, and other locations."