IDF Chief of Staff LTG Herzi Halevi toured the Gaza Division and held a discussion with the reservists in the sector.

"We are looking at this operational pause, up until which in northern Gaza we dismantled two Hamas brigades, not completely yet, the 162nd Division is still working inside to secure our accomplishments and to strike more battalions," Halevi stated.

"Yesterday and today, we eliminated brigade commanders, company commanders, and many operatives, and yesterday morning, we started the same process in the southern Gaza Strip. It will be with no less strength than that, it will be with no less results than that, and Hamas commanders will meet the IDF everywhere in a very, very strong way. I know that part of this is your capabilities, and a very large part of this is the fighting spirit that you bring and also the experience you bring as reservists," he emphasized.

The Chief of Staff concluded: "And we have the capabilities to do this in the most thorough way, and just as we did it strongly and thoroughly in the northern Gaza Strip, we are also doing it now in the southern Gaza Strip, and we continue to secure our accomplishments in the northern Gaza Strip."... Read More: Arutz-7