US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer warned that rising antisemitism in the US was being fueled by "dog-whistles" at anti-Israel demonstrations throughout the country while Jewish Americans have been "abandoned" by many on the left.

“Jewish Americans feel alone to face all of this — abandoned by too many of our friends and allies in our greatest time of need, as antisemitic hate crimes skyrocket across the country,” Schumer said during a 40-minute address on the Senate floor today (Wednesday).

The New York Senator criticized members of his own Democratic Party and the mainstream media for their responses to the Hamas massacre of over 1,200 people in southern Israel on October 7, the worst massacre committed against the Jewish people since the Nazi Holocaust.

“Can anybody imagine a horrific terrorist attack in another country receiving such a reception?” he asked. adding that history has taught the Jewish people "ultimately, that we are alone.”... Read More: Arutz-7