Schneider Children’s Medical Center director Dr. Efrat Bron Harlev tells Channel 12 news that the four children released from Hamas captivity last night are in reasonably good health.

Without violating medical confidentiality, Harlev shares that Ohad Munder, 9, Emilia Aloni, 5, Raz Katz Asher, 4, and Aviv Katz Asher, 2, did not sustain eyesight damage from presumably being underground for weeks. She said that all the children lost weight, as would have been expected during their ordeal.

The Health Ministry and Welfare Ministry provided the hospitals with protocols to follow regarding medical and psycho-social treatment of the hostages upon arrival. The protocols included strict instructions on how to avoid Refeeding Syndrome, a potentially fatal condition resulting from overfeeding or rehydrating an undernourished person too quickly.

Munder was shown on the news being visited by a group of his friends and enjoying an ice cream cone with them.... Read More: Times of Israel