Baltimore, MD - Nov. 16, 2023  -  Baltimore City Councilman Eric Costello threw his support behind Sheila Dixon during an afternoon speech in Mount Vernon that cited multiple ways he claimed the administration of Brandon Scott has fallen short.

"City hall has reached a level of dysfunction that I never thought was possible, and our residences and small businesses deserve better," said Costello.

Costello opened his remarks by talking about a letter he received from an employee in the mayor's office. The letter asked the councilman if he could get the city to repair a pipe that had been causing flooding in the restrooms of a local business for two weeks.

Costello said he had received thousands of letters like this from residents during his time on city council. "What makes this letter so unique is that the author is an employee of the mayor's office," said Costello. "We've reached a point where the mayor's office is calling on a city council member to get results from their own agencies."... Read More: FOX45