Baltimore, MD – Nov. 14, 2023 - It is with deep regret that Baltimore Jewish Life (BJL) informs the community of the petira of Mrs. Malka Finkelstein, wife of Rabbi Levi Finkelstein, mother of Chaya (Yosy) Weinberg; Yaakov (Shiffy) Finkelstein, Aron (Elisheva) Finkelstein, Kalman (Gina) Finkelstein, Shira (Ben) Ram, Dov Ber (Deborah) Finkelstein; daughter in law, Dena Finkelstein; and sister of Rebetzin Ramona (Rabbi Siggi) Suchard, Vickie (Yehuda) Grossberger and Jackie (Leah) Spivack

The levayah in Baltimore took place Tuesday, November 14th, 2023 2:00pm at Sol Levinson's Chapel

Click here for BaltimoreLevayah video

Baltimore from Tueday afternoon, Nov. 21:

Rabbi Levi Finkelstein, Aron Finkelstein,  and Kalman Finkelstein will be returning from Israel Tuesday afternoon, Nov. 21, to continue the shiva at 3103 Labyrinth Road, Baltimore, MD, 21208.
Mincha /Maariv...4:35pm

Shiva ends after Shacharis.


The Levayah in Israel is scheduled to take place tonigt, Nov. 15, at Eretz Chaim Cemetery:   8:00PM (Israel) (Baltimore 1PM)

Shiva will be observed through Friday afternoon at Jaffa St 103, Jerusalem, Israel 10th floor, apartment 44

(Code: 0523)

On Monday afternoon the Baltimore mishpacha will be return to Baltimore to conclude the shiva. Details to follow

 Motzaei Shabbos – Nov. 18:

Maariv at Spivack’s home in Efrat:

Jackie Spivack sitting; visitors until 10:00PM

51 Netzach Yerushalayim Street, Dekel, Efrat 

Sunday, Nov. 19:

Shacharis at 7:00AM Spivack home

Jackie Spivack sitting; visitors till 12pm

 Afternoon in Jerusalem see above

Monday, Nov. 20:  

Minyanim and visiting in Jerusalem-see above

Tuesday, Nov. 21:

Jerusalem morning,

Afternoon Spivack home  - Jackie Spivack sitting

Wednesday, Nov 22:

Shacharis at 7:00AM Spivack home

Jackie Spivack sitting until after Shacharis