Baltimore, MD - Sept. 24, 2023  - Baltimore  Shomrim continues to be very engaged in community public safety. Over the last two days there have been vehicle fires in the vicinity of the 3600-3700 blocks of Labyrinth Road.  Additionally just a few weeks ago there were dumpster/garbage can fires in that general area as well.

While there is no resolution at this point, Councilman Yitzy Schliefer was instrumental in escalating this troubling situation to have BCFD fire investigators take a close look at the circumstances surrounding these fires. Investigators have a potential lead on a suspect, however the matter continues under investigation and we will update the community as new information becomes available.

Should you have any relevant information or camera footage regarding these fires please contact shomrim at 410-358-9999.  

See something? - Say something! Call 911 & Shomrim immediately!

Wishing the entire community, a meaningful and safe Yom Kippur!