Baltimore, MD - Sept. 21, 2023 - Project Baltimore obtained unreleased state test scores for all Baltimore City schools, revealing alarming results, according to  WMAR2News. Despite the city's resources and funding, 13 high schools showed that not a single student scored proficiently in the 2023 math exam. The shocking findings prompted widespread community reactions, with figures like Bryan Nehman and Sheila Dixon emphasizing the dire state of the education system. Baltimore’s top five high schools, including Baltimore Polytechnic Institute and Baltimore City College, saw only 11.4% of students proficient in math. All proficient students scored a level three out of a maximum four. No student in the entire city achieved the top math proficiency level. Dr. Sonja Santelises, CEO of City Schools, drew criticism for her leadership, especially since she had been in charge for over seven years. While some call for her resignation, others, including State Senate President Bill Ferguson, defend her, emphasizing systemic challenges and the complexities of educational progress.