The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) threatens millions of jobs globally, with Goldman Sachs warning that up to 300 million jobs might be affected soon, according to ZeroHedge. IBM's recent hiring freeze due to automation and similar actions by other firms have heightened the "fear of becoming obsolete" (FOBO) among younger workers. A recent Gallup poll indicates that 22% of respondents now fear technology might render their jobs redundant, a 7% increase from 2021. The concern is particularly prevalent among college-educated workers, where the percentage has jumped from 8% to 20%. Most respondents fear the negative impact of AI on job benefits and wage reduction. The launch of ChatGPT has underscored the potential of AI in sophisticated language-based tasks, including coding. Reports by Goldman Sachs and others suggest that up to two-thirds of occupations might face partial automation by AI, amplifying FOBO across the Western world.