Baltimore, MD – September 13, 2023 - A carjacking occurred in the Baltimore area on the evening of September 11, drawing attention to the urgent need for heightened security and vigilance.

At 8:25 PM, Shomrim reported two Hyundai thefts in the Bonnie area. Owners of Hyundai and Kia vehicles are urged to avail themselves of complimentary security software upgrades offered by dealerships and to use additional safety measures, such as no-cost steering wheel locks, to deter potential thieves.

The situation escalated at 8:57 PM when an armed carjacking occurred outside Glen Avenue Shul. The assailants, wielding a gun, commandeered a black Infinity QX60.

Shomrim provided further details to BJL, stating the assailants initially attempted to steal a Hyundai in the Glen Ave Shul parking lot but were thwarted by the car’s recent security upgrade. The suspects then seized a fresh opportunity, holding another driver at gunpoint and stealing their vehicle before crashing into a parked car as they fled the scene.

Baltimore Police are investigating the case meticulously, including fingerprint analysis from the victim's retrieved phone.

And last evening, Tuesday, Sept 12, an armed carjacking occurred on the 6200 block of Biltmore. A silver Toyota Sienna was stolen. The suspects came in a red sedan. Fortunately, Shomrim units were able to quickly obtain camera footage and found the suspect vehicle abandoned nearby and alert police. Additionally, Shomrim and the Police are aware of the location of the stolen vehicle and are working on getting it recovered.

An update sent by Shomrim at 2:06AM this morning states: "The vehicle stolen earlier this evening was just found abandoned.
The suspects left the area following the initial carjacking on Biltmore, however they returned and were observed traveling through the community. 

Shomrim’s engagement was successful in deterring two additional carjacking attempts.

Community members are urged to remain vigilant and adhere to safety advisories, fostering a safer environment. To assist you, we have included Shomrim’s Auto Theft and Carjacking Prevention Tips guide.