The extreme weather also has the authorities warning that there’s a risk of dangerous flash flooding

Israel was hit by over a hundred fires on Shabbos, exacerbated by a heatwave and strong winds. The Karmia nature reserve, near the Gaza Strip, was the scene of just one major blaze, reportedly caused by a barbecue flaring up.

In the northern city of Acre, a second fire generated thick smoke, disrupting traffic. Firefighters also responded to a third major blaze in the northern area of Har Turan, part of the Galilee, which led to the evacuation of hikers. As of the afternoon, there were 121 reported fires across the country.

The presence of many Israelis enjoying a long holiday weekend in the nature reserves made the firefighters' task more complex, as temperatures reached 95-104°F and visibility was reduced by dust and mist.... Read More: i24