'There's no moral equivalence between people who shoot families in cold blood and people who suffer as a result of terrorism,' says Alan Dershowitz

U.S. lawyer and professor Alan Dershowitz told i24NEWS on Tuesday that he was taking on the Dee family case and vowed to make CNN News pay, as Rabbi Leo Dee pursues a legal case against the news agency and its host Christiane Amanpour for her phrasing about the terror attack that took the lives of his wife and two daughters.

"This is part of a pattern that CNN and Amanpour have engaged in over a decade or more," Dershowitz said, noting that he was taking on the case pro bono.

"Amanpour constantly creates a moral equivalence between terrorists, who murder people in cold blood, and innocent victims. This was not a slip of the tongue, not an honest mistake," he continued.... Read More: i24