Baltimore, MD - Mar. 19, 2023 - This Tuesday Night, March 21, we will be having a Seder Limud L’iluy Nishmas Habochur Chaim Moshe Cohen, Z’L.   It will be held in the upper Beis Medrash at the Agudah of Park Heights from 7:45 to 8:30 PM 

Due to it being within 30 days of Yom Tov (יורה דעה שמ"ז) the previously planned Hespedem had to be changed to a Seder of Limud

Boys attending the entire seder will receive a coupon towards a Thursday Night Large Cholent at the Knish Shop.

Boys that learn a Perek of Mishnayus or a Blatt of Gemara will receive a Shabsie's gift certificate.

Special Raffle for boys that come on time.

Refreshments in the Simcha Room  following the learning seder for boys, fathers and all participants.