Jerusalem, Israel - Mar. 15, 2023 - On March 14, 2023, 50,000 Jerusalem volunteers took part in Good Deeds Day, with hundreds of events and projects held all over the city. 

Jerusalem Mayor  Moshe Lion stated: "This year, I and all the employees of the Jerusalem Municipality will take part in the Good Deeds Day. This year, I decided to take part in the renovation of a home for lone soldiers. Jerusalem embraces the lone soldiers and provides all possible assistance throughout the year. A real home to dozens of soldiers warms the heart."

Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Fleur Hassan Nahoum joined Israeli First Lady Michal Herzog in the official opening of the new HaBoydem store located near Jaffa Road on Rivlin Street.  The weather was cold and wet outside, but in the new brightly lit store the heavy rain was not noticeable.

HaBoydem (which in Israel usually means a small out-of-the-way storage space) was created as a self-sustaining second-hand clothing store, serviced by people with disabilities, who are trained and empowered to maximize their potential, and integrate back into the competitive workplace.

Established in July 2014, Haboydem is a social venture of the Non-Profit Organization for Rehabilitation and Integration. The social business runs according to a business model and is proud to report that Haboydem has become self-sufficient. The proceeds of sales of the donated clothing items pay for the expenses and salaries of the store.