Baltimore, MD - Mar. 14, 2023:

Dear Baltimore Community,

This session in Annapolis, Delegate Dana Stein and I introduced a new concept to the Maryland General Assembly – state funded school bus transportation for children in private schools.  This hot-button issue and much-needed policy for our community received significant opposition from members of the General Assembly and others in Annapolis.

As a parent and community member, I know firsthand the struggles we experience with carpools.  School busing is a necessity – for our safety, along with environmental and practical reasons.  Delegate Stein and I therefore spent many hours, days and weeks working with leadership on ways to make this a reality in the future.

I am extremely proud to announce that leadership in the General Assembly and my colleagues agreed to create a robust taskforce with leaders throughout Maryland to study this issue and form a policy and recommendations that can make this a reality.  The work of this taskforce must be concluded by December 2023 to ensure sufficient time for us to draft a bill for the 2024 Legislative Session that turns this policy into law.

I am extremely grateful to my colleagues in the Ways and Means Committee for voting today in support of this taskforce.  I am also grateful for Delegate Stein’s work and advocacy on this bill and, very importantly, I am grateful to Speaker Adrienne Jones for her leadership and support on this issue. Thank you also to the community advocates, the OU Teach Coalition, Agudah of Maryland, and the Baltimore Jewish Council for your support, as well.

Requiring the State of Maryland to pay for transportation for private school students is not an easy task, and I am therefore extremely pleased with the progress and looking forward to working with the taskforce to make this a reality.