Baltimore, MD - Feb. 2, 2023 - 2 Shevat 5783 - It’s only eight years since Khal Chassidim’s mosdos set foot in Baltimore – and already it’s made its mark. 

It’s made its mark on the close to 150 kinderlach, it’s made its mark on the parents and it's made its mark on the wider yiddishe community. Their warmth and chassidishkeit spills over and everyone is benefitting from its existence. 

The chassidishe parent body chose to move to Baltimore so that they could focus on Torah and chinuch undisturbed by the stress and pressures of unaffordable city life. Indeed, in Baltimore, they can bring up their children in a bucolic, spacious setting where there is nothing to distract them from their pure goals. 

* The kollel is a thriving makom Torah comprised of serious yungerleit

* The mosdos employ excellent Yiddish-speaking melamdim, whom they brought over from N.Y.

* There are small classes, so each child gets individualized attention and shines

And the results are b’’H evident. On his recent visit, HaGaon Harav Aron Feldman, shlita, Rosh Yeshivas Ner Yisroel Baltimore, remarked, “One can see a kedusha on the children.”

The calm, Torah’dige lifestyle is literally reflected on their faces!

The first step towards moving is a moisad. Without a successful school or cheder for children to learn, families wouldn’t consider relocating. 

Khal Chasidim’s well-established and successful young mosdos, from nursery through to Kitteh Vuv, makes it not just ‘possible’ for families to relocate – it makes it worthwhile. They can live with comfort, with focus and with yishuv hadaas. Is that not the ideal for a thriving yiddishe family?

Recently, there has been increased interest from families wishing to make the move from New York, with the mosdos stellar reputation being a major plus. We need your help to maintain the mosdos – and the momentum – so this rich opportunity remains for families looking for more. 

We’re running a Tu b’Shvat campaign. Invest in our important cause and plant the seeds for more young families to experience life in the joyful, Torah’dige lane.

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