Former US President Donald Trump is preparing to return to Twitter for his upcoming presidential campaign and ditch his own social media platform Truth Social, Rolling Stone reports.

When Trump first founded Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), he agreed to a “social media exclusivity term” that required him to “first channel any and all social media communications” to his Truth Social account for six hours before posting the content to other platforms, the report said, citing to SEC filings.

But two sources familiar with the matter told Rolling Stone that since late last year, Trump has informed several people close to him that he doesn’t want to re-up the exclusivity agreement with Truth Social.

The 18-month term of that requirement is up in June — right as the Republican primary is expected to begin heating up. After that, Trump’s exclusivity term would automatically renew for six month periods “unless notice is given.” In the event his exclusivity term expires, Trump would still be “required to post contemporaneously to Truth Social.”... Read More: Arutz-7