In an editorial published Friday, the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board showed its support for the new Israeli government’s judicial reforms.

“Every time a right-wing government wins an election these days, the immediate refrain from the dominant global media is that it’s a threat to democracy,” the article opens, adding that the new government is getting this treatment now. It explains that the current dispute over the Supreme Court illustrates why the issue is more complicated than is portrayed in the media.

The article proceeds to explain how the Israeli Supreme Court holds more power than its American counterpart while not being bound by a constitution, knocking down bills it sees merely as “Unreasonable.” The article adds that "Israel’s court even has a veto on the appointment of new justices, in contrast to the US, where the President and Senate share the appointment power”.

Regarding the disqualification of Shas Chairman Aryeh Deri’s appointment as minister, the article states: “The court may be making the sounder judgment on character, but in a democracy, that decision is left to voters and the politicians they elect.”... Read More: Arutz-7