Residents of Israel must pay arnona (property tax). Many residents are eligible for discounts based on income or other criteria. The deadline for filing for these discounts is December 31, which is fast approaching. Chaim V’Chessed urges all residents to immediately apply for discounts if they are eligible.

This week, members of Chaim V’Chessed’s Governmental Staff, led by Mrs. Rachel Morgenstern, met with Mr. Yuval Dar, director of the Jerusalem Arnona Department, to address various concerns of the English- speaking community. The meeting produced several important clarifications and rule changes. 

An online application form is available at this link. In the past, foreign residents of Jerusalerm were not permitted to apply online and were required to apply in person. Through Chaim V’Chessed advocacy, foreigners have recently been permitted to apply online. Mr. Dar advised Chaim V’Chessed representatives that the municipality strongly recommends that all applications be submitted online. Applications submitted online will be responded to in a quicker fashion and are easier to track. It is still possible to apply for a discount in person.

Chaim V’Chessed representatives also raised an unusual problem with Mr. Dar relating to foreigners who do not yet have Bituach Leumi. Foreigners, with permission to work on their visas, are required to provide an ishur avoda from Bituach Leumi listing their places of work. However, newly arrived foreign residents are not yet eligible for Bituach Leumi and hence cannot provide such a letter. Chaim V’Chessed has received numerous inquiries from residents who were told: Bring a letter from Bituach Leumi that you are not Bituach Leumi members! This impossible demand has led to refusal of discounts for otherwise eligible residents. ... Read More: Chaim V'Chessed