As part of its coalition negotiations, the United Torah Judaism (UTJ) party is working to find solutions for the Charedi community's housing crisis.

According to haredi businessman Rabbi Zvi Rabinsky, who serves as a member of the Degel Hatorah faction's Housing Committee, all the solutions proposed thus far "put the couples in a coma": For a Charedi couple wishing to purchase an apartment at a reasonable price, there is no option other than integrating into existing Charedi communities to mixed cities in the periphery.

"The solutions we are speaking about now are things that will be relevant in another seven years," he explained in an interview with Kol Hai Radio. "This puts people in a coma."

"A couple getting married now is going to rent an apartment for seven or eight years. That's 400,000 shekel, about, that they are spending on rent during these years. It's simply a waste."... Read More: Arutz-7