Israel has begun seizing millions of shekels that were transferred by the Palestinian Authority to the private bank accounts of terrorists who were involved in severe terror attacks.

According to a report by Israel Hayom, Defense Minister Benny Gantz signed a seizure order on approximately ten million NIS of funds that were transferred to the terrorists. The orders were signed as part of a larger effort by the Ministry of Defense to fight against terror organizations and the regular payments made by the Palestinian Authority to security prisoners who were involved in terrorist operations.

The funds that Gantz has authorized the seizure of are paid by the Palestinian Authority to terrorists in Israeli prisons, discharged terrorists, and families of terrorists who are serving in Israeli prisons.

The orders were signed following cooperative work by the Israel Security Agency, the National Bureau for Counterterror Financing, Israel Police, the Tax Authority, and other authorities. The order pertains to 86 terrorists who are currently jailed or have been freed and their families and seizes a sum of approximately 10 million NIS. In accordance with the order, the banks that transfer the funds and those that the terrorists and their family members have accounts in were contacted and ordered to withhold the funds. The funds which were seized will be transferred to the public custodian.... Read More: Arutz-7