Baltimore, MD - July 26, 2022 - Bez’H, it is with great excitement that The Shidduch Center of Baltimore would like to announce the hire of 3 new shadchanim to our team; Mrs. Adina Reich (previously of Baltimore, presently of Far Rockaway), Mrs. Simi Sokoloff (Baltimore), and Mrs. Adena Wachtel (originally of Baltimore, presently of Passaic). They join Mrs. Shani LeimanMrs. Tova RappaportMrs. Keren Traub, & Mrs. Yocheved Strum, as The Shidduch Center continues to grow its team of shadchanim to better serve the Baltimore community.

To learn more about all of The Shidduch Center’s shadchanim, and their respective areas of expertise, please visit their website,, where you can find a bio and contact forms for each Shidduch Center Shadchan.

The Shidduch Center is also pleased to announce that, bez’H, Mrs. Tova Chaya Shulman has taken on the role of Executive Liaison, a new facet of the organization. Boruch Hashem, our community continues to grow each year, and The Shidduch Center's shadchanim continue to be highly sought after. Accordingly, in an effort to ensure that local families receive prompt and professional replies to any and all correspondence with The Shidduch Center's shadchanim, Mrs. Shulman will be facilitating swift and courteous communication between their shadchanim and our community members. 

The best way to reach Mrs. Shulman is via her Shidduch Center email address, She will be more than happy to assist our community members in connecting with The Shidduch Center's shadchanim, whether it be to set up a meeting, to follow up/check in, or to address any inquiry one might have that needs the attention of one of their team members. 

Bez’H, with an expanded team of shadchanim, and Mrs. Shulman in the role of Executive Liaison, The Shidduch Center will be able to more effectively and more comfortably meet the needs of our wonderful community. May Hashem Yisborach grant hatzlacha to us all, and may we, along with all the communities of Klal Yisroel, be zocheh to see the building of many more new Jewish homes!