Prime Minister Naftali Bennett spoke with Israeli journalists in the Prime Minister's office today (Monday, June 20).

"We are in a period of numerous opportunities and threats, but I must say there are more opportunities than I expected. The State of Israel is growing stronger in the big picture. We're gaining rapidly in the economic, political, security, and technological spheres," he said.

Regarding the Iranian threat, Bennett said that President Biden's upcoming visit will present an opportunity to coordinate joint action with regard to the Islamic Republic. "Joint cooperation with the United States to halt Iran's nuclear program [is of utmost importance]," pointed out the Prime Minister.

"You're well aware of my stance on Iran. There are two dimensions to it - the regional terrorism and the nuclear [threat]," he continued. "Most of our security threats originate with Iran's proxies. I want to avoid skirmishes with the tentacles of that octopus, instead focusing the larger part of our effort on striking its head."... Read More: Arutz-7