The inauguration of the route today, Friday 27 May at Ben Gurion Airport, was also attended by US Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides, the management of the Israel Airports Authority, of Ben Gurion Airport, and of Delta Airlines.

At the beginning of her remarks, Minister Michaeli said: "Congratulations to all of us on the new route between Israel and Boston. This connection has many benefits. It is another sign of the recovery from corona, it is important for strengthening and developing our civil aviation and it is another sign of the deep friendship with our US ally."

She added: "The connection between Israel and Boston symbolizes the unique connection between our innovation and startups, and a place of academia, achievement and progress to which the whole world comes for the betterment of humanity. The fact that we can make the trip easily, in a shorter time and directly, is a big step forward."

At the end of her remarks she said: *Strengthening the ties between Israel and the United States is based on many things, first and foremost the common values ​​that are important to democracy. We are happy to see the United States stand against those on the list of proscribed terrorist organizations, and imposing sanctions on those who want to destroy world peace.

US Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides: "What the Minister of Transportation is doing in this government is exceptionally important. Tourism is back, and it is very gratifying that we no longer have to say 'come visit Israel'. Today's inauguration strengthens and raises the bar in the unbreakable relations between the State of Israel and the United States."