Top Maryland lawmakers said Wednesday that eliminating a scheduled gas-tax increase of more than 6 cents this summer won’t solve the problem of high gas prices and would set back efforts to maintain infrastructure.

With gas now priced at about $4.60 a gallon on average in Maryland, Senate President Bill Ferguson and House Speaker Adrienne Jones said in a joint statement that “the problem is big oil companies exploiting global uncertainty to drive the price of gas to more than $4 a gallon.”

Eliminating the inflation adjustment “would be a loss of over $200 million in funding dedicated to ensuring the safety of our State’s roads and bridges,” said Jones, a Baltimore County Democrat, and Ferguson, a Baltimore Democrat.

“As fuel prices rise, so too do the costs of maintenance and construction in our transportation sector,” they said. “Ensuring the safety and integrity of Maryland’s roadways, bridges, and transit systems is critical. We cannot have a reliable transportation network that regularly experiences failing conditions due to insufficient funding and deferred maintenance.”... Read More: WMAR2NEWS